Peer Tutoring Experience


One of the main objectives of the Old Ways New Ways program is to increase students’ confidence in their ability to study science at tertiary level and induce a sense of pride in students by engaging Indigenous students in science and technology-based learning through hands on activities that involve peer supported learning (students teaching students) that enhance confidence and leadership, literacy and presentation skills and through activities that teach basic scientific concepts. One of the best examples of peer tutoring experience has been in Karratha, where year 11 students were trained up as demonstrators and were able to demonstrate the various Old Ways New Ways activities to their younger peers.

peer                                                                           peer1

Year 11 student on the right is demonstrating chemical forensic activities to the year 9 students and their teacher.


peer2                                                                          peer3

Year 11 students demonstrating Aboriginal tool making activity to the year 9 students.